Friday, December 14, 2012

Too young...

I don't talk about my kids enough on Facebook but that's mostly because they are so much apart of my everyday hustle I just assume that you all know that I am a Mommy first and friend, lover and worker second. I love these little girls and from this photo they have grown way to fast already - 9 and 7 years old today and I can't thank myself enough for bringing them into this world. I also can't thank my mother enough either for all the love she gives to us and how much she has helped me through this mothering role. Their dad, although we may not be together, is a wonderful father also. Tragedy brings remembrance. Sad as that may be...I try my hardest to remember them everyday - whether they are with me or with their father - to love them, to kiss them, to teach them, school them, feed them, dress them, warm them, and be with just THEM. "THEM" So many of "THEM" are hurt everyday - we know this. So many are forgotten. So many are never "NEWS WORTHY". SO MANY. So this...this photo is for THEM. I will never forget you. And for those who know me - know that I have an extreme sensitivity to children - when they walk in the room my heart is immediately drawn to THEM. I love THEM. THEM - becomes us. And the THEM that needs to find a better way to protect THEM. ♥ to you all. Tears for THEM...tears for the parents...tears for this Earth. ♥