Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Have a holly Jolly Christmas eh!

I suppose I ought to get this JOLLY blog out before the holiday season is over and JOLLY doesn’t have quite the impact it does during the holiday season…

that said…

What is a JOLLY? Do you know one? Are you living with one? Is your best friend a JOLLY and you just don’t want to admit it?

Well then - I’ll say it for all of us!

Judgmental Opinionated Loud (mouth) Lurking (around) You!

I recently had to boot a JOLLY out of my life - SHE might say that SHE kicked me to the curb but that’s only because she is a Judgmental Opinionated Loud (mouth) and wouldn’t be able to see that her actions caused her own demise.

Now, if you have a JOLLY in your life - you might be hesitant to see them because no one wants to lose a friend, lover, or anyone that may mean something to you. If you take a step back and analyze all the events that have taken place during your relationship with said person, you might finally see the harm they are adding to your life development, growth, and the fact that you are who you hang out with. Never thought this was so true until I analyzed this said friendship - constantly dealing with judgments that have no backbone - gaining nothing more than opinions not lived by her own self, and finally -dealing with Loud (mouth) ignorance.

Don’t take this blog in the wrong text now - I’m not judging, placing opinions or screaming this out to you all - rather venting about the people who are JOLLY - and have made my life uncomfortable - I’m screaming out that I -Kalina Ross am done with dealing with anyone who can’t see the good in me - or want me to look at my life, when they should be looking at their own. The point to any relationship is to have someone who listens without judgment or opinions. Someone who is there for you when you mess up or will help you to make better decisions through ideas and advice - that you may not always take but listen too only for the extra thought.

I have always discussed with my friends the part that I play when it comes to their life -

It is not within my power or would it be a good friend if I sat here and constantly nagged you about every decision you made in your life. I am simply here to be your extra ear when you need to complain about a decision you made in your life, the boyfriend you kept around that I might have known from the beginning was a dumper, the money you spent while we sipped beers together, knowing that the money you were spending was the electric bill that is now calling you to threaten a disconnect BUT it will always come down to the part I play in your life. Yes, a friend should be honest but a good friend knows when a lesson is to be learned, or might know that this pattern of complaining about a guy is pretty much the same things they have been spilling out year after year - and you know to shut up and that - this(man) too, shall pass.

I am here to listen and not Judge you. Listen and not form Opinions about what you should be doing. Act together while out on a fun Friday night - and yes, being the Loud (mouth) girls in the bar! Lurking around our same problems over conversations night after night. And lastly, be there for You! That is my part in your life - not to become a JOLLY - to me that only indicates that I have nothing better to do, or am trying to make excuses for my own life - nobody needs that.


Let’s have a TOAST to the JOLLY’s! Let’s have a toast to this Christmas! And letting them GO! Baby, I got a plan…RUN AWAY - as fast as you can from a JOLLY - before they place stress in your life that you don’t need!

Have a safe holiday - I'll be glad when they are over! Bah-Hum-Bug these....


Thanks for reading. Again. Or not. Love you all either way.