Thursday, May 3, 2012

EFF the BUDDY - it's time for a friend...

No matter what you're doing...studying, working, making a career for yourself, running, hanging with friends or whatever other productive THING you might do - the thought of a man is ALWAYS in the back of your mind. Today - I was driving and thought - Fellas, the game has changed for you. This isn't something new to talk about but it's my turn now darn it. In these times - the present day...women have obviously become more independent in their needs but just how far will it go? How much more will we take on and/or start doing for ourselves?? I see a lot of Facebook postings about sayings that men think toward women and most always I
them. Not because it seems obvious that a male would think such an opinion but rather because I think they are just as appropriate for what me and my lady friends are thinking. Such as this one from yesterday....
First off - come over? Nowadays...I don't even want you in MY house. And in reverse I don't wanna drive to your house JUST to have sex. I mean, sometimes that's alright but more and more I am becoming too lazy for even that. Or it turns into the idea of why would I wanna drive ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the way over to your house just to get our boogie on and then leave WHEN I could instead - hang out with my girl friends, go to dinner, or a movie, chill and then MAYBE just maybe I'll wanna end my night at your place BUT most likely what happens now is I'd rather go home with me, myself and I. That's not a stuck up approach it's more of a ME approach. What do I want? Because doing what I want is more pleasing. Duh.
I believe women today act more like men (according to stereo types) - or are we finally understanding what you fellas have been up to all these years? Really it's just being selfish with our time and who you choose to spend it with - "saving the drama for your mama" - perhaps? But more so it simply isn't enough for me/us anymore and I don't need you like that. Driving all the way over to a man's house who isn't your boyfriend - spending about an hour or so with him and then you're gone?!
Hmmmmm, that scenario is starting to seem wasteful and boring in regards to my time. Maybe that's just me and my girls growing up?? Tell me. Because I think I'll choose the guy who actually wants to have a conversation outside of the bed and then maybe even go outside and play for a while - do something active!!! That seems more fun to me. And, it is becoming easier and easier with each day to turn men away. Some men think just because they have a good time in bed to offer that THAT should be enough for you to wanna come over and play? NAWWWWWW - I'll take the other options for $500 Alec!!!!
NOW, let me clarify some things about this whole topic I'm wasting time talking about at this coffee shop before I go to work...I am not expecting anyone to say the obvious like - well you know if you want a man to love you then you shouldn't just go over and give him booty anyway or well, duh...obviously it's more fun to hang out with a guy and go on dates and then maybe go further with him. I know all this and if I was pursuing a boyfriend right now I would take a more proper approach at dating and do such. This is about grown folks business. Simply saying that the traditional EffBuddies is outdated - I'll take an EffBuddy that wants to go to the park - kick a ball and then go home and play. But wasting my time anymore with someone who doesn't even wanna be your friend at the least? No thanks.
Now men...don't get all butt hurt - but seriously it's time for you to step your game up (I'm not excusing women either in the stepping your game up, I'll blog about that later...) OR you'll be the one at home crying - not us anymore. I mean, show a little bit of human...hang with us or get left by us. That's just how we roll now... enter.resting.